Michael Green Architecture is offering a Grant through the not for profit DBR Institute for the documentation of a recently destroyed heritage farmhouse in northern New York State.

Given the location this grant is being made available to students or recent graduates from the Montreal, Upstate New York or Northern Vermont region with a strong understanding of architectural documentation. Applicants should include evidence of their experience to work with dimensioned working drawings.

The intent is to reconstruct the Farmhouse and repair the partially damaged School House. There are no drawings documenting the structures so the first step to reconstruction will be to assemble drawings from archival photos and the fire-charred framing that remains after the fire.


  • Visit the site and photograph the farm house and school house in the current post fire conditions
  • Review archival images of buildings to help reconstruct and inform the drawing process. These archival documents exist in a modest archives near the site.
  • Provide complete set of drawings documenting the Farm House.
  • Drawings required for Farm House reconstruction
    • Plans for basement, 1st and 2nd floorsExterior Elevations | All sides
    • Interior Elevations | All rooms
    • Building Sections | Minimum of 4 needed
    • Detail drawings of key features | Fireplace | Doors | Windows
  • Drawing format
    • Autocad or Revit files
    • Include critical dimensions and highlight those dimensions that are estimated versus confidently accurate.
    • Include scans of archival photos to help support the drawing conclusions where possible.


  • Located 3 miles west of Willsboro New York along Route 22
  • Approximately 1.5 hour drive south of Montreal


  • $5000 (Canadian dollars) per the Funding Phases below.
  • Costs for rental car (round trip from Montreal) and fuel to visit site
  • Funding distribution:
    • Funding Phase 1 | $750 + car rental + fuel costs
      Due after site visit and photographic documentation
    • Funding Phase 2 | $4250
      Due upon completion of the remaining scope of work.


  • Sept 6 to 14 | Applicant submissions
  • Sept 15 | Applicant selection
  • Sept 17 or 18 | Optional Site Visit with Michael Green and Architectural Critic Trevor Boddy
  • Sept – Oct | Optional Site Visit
  • Oct – Jan | Documentation Phase is Flexible through the fall
  • Early Dec | Progress Review with Michael Green
  • End January | All work complete


To apply please send to [email protected] with attached resume and cover letter.

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